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Advanced Enryption

Protect what matters without advanced military-grade server-side encryption. Security keys are changed daily.

Maintenance Tasks

Our systems complete regular maintenance tasks such as automatic system updates, backups and residue cleaning automatically.

Lockdown Mode

Quickly lockdown your network and isolate infected endpoints with the push of a button. We will always provide a recommendation on the dashboard.

Next-gen Engines

Always evolving to adapt to your needs, our advanced next-gen engine powered by AI neural intelligence can detect abnormalities.

Clear Authentication

Always checking packet integrity, you will always be sure that the information that you receive is the right one.

Email Phishing

Eliminate social-engineering attacks with best-in-class, reputation-based email phishing scanner. With plugins in Outlook and Thunderbird.

Automatic Diagnostic

Checking itself regularly, you will always be assured that every single endpoint is reporting a heartbeat from the local software.

Resource Management

Effectively staying in the background, endpoint software never takes resources away from resource-heavy tasks.

Premium Support

In the case of the unexpected, you can always fall back on our 24/7 support and receive tailored advice and resolution from our friendly staff.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

No size is too big or too small. We operate in various industries and adapt our services to customer needs depending on the size, niche and sensitivity of information processed on-site.

Online Stores

Health Care



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