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Email Marketing: Boost Sales By 3800% (What You Need To Know)

Email marketing is key to keeping your customers and clients informed, as well as a basic requirement for marketing automation. It’s used by all the major corporations like Google, Facebook, Adidas, etc. It’s a way to inform clients and customers of new products, services or simple tips that’ll keep your brand on their radar. Although email marketing seems simple, remember that you’re competing with every other email that the customer is getting. To make yours stand out and be read, you’ll need to master email marketing or else your email will go straight to the junk folder or trash! Here’are the basics of email marketing and how it can help your business:

How Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is quite simple. It’s a form of marketing that uses email as the main source of communicating various messages to a specified audience. You use an email marketing platform like GetRepsonse to create your email script and design, then send out to your email list of customers. You can send emails to enhance your relationship with the customer, new and old, or simply use it to announce updates on your website, company, and products.

Why Email Marketing Is Beneficial

Email marketing is useful because your exact return on investment (ROI) can easily be tracked when done correctly. You can easily gain a list of interested customers and clients by obtaining their emails via your website, social media and other campaigns, which you’ll then store in your grand client email database. You can also segment your emails to send specialized emails to specific groups (like loyal customers or abandoned carts). Plus, email marketing allows you to reach out to customers with personalized and dynamic messages.

Convert visitors into fans, then into buyers

Email marketing is like the perfect salesman. It tailors the ideal content to its customers depending on their behaviour. It works every day, and every night, even on Christmas! On Christmas is when the customers are spending more than ever. Instead of paying this salesman 3000$ per month, you will only pay 15$ per month for a platform like GetResponse. Once everything is set up, sit back, relax and wait for those conversions.

For 1$ invested in this type of promotion, you will earn around 38$ back. (ROI = 3800%) (Source: SalesForce)

Email Funneling, an effective marketing technique

Email funnelling is a technique used in email marketing to send a chain of emails to your clients. Using your client database, you can send a chain of automated emails to your customers after signing up, in a non-spammy way. The funnel can be different for every customer, depending on the way they interact (if they take action). For example, a consumer hasn’t visited your site for a while; you can send them a promo code to encourage them to revisit. Or, someone added something to their card but abandoned it, you can send them a promo code encouraging him to purchase. It’s not as hard as you may think, once you learn the basics, you can master it. To read on how to create your first funnel, click here.

Common Email Marketing Terms

Like any other online platform, there are certain terms you should be aware of to better understand how it works. Here are a few related to email marketing:

CTR: This refers to your click-through rate and is the percentage or the number of unique clicks of the email divided by the number that was opened for a URL in the email. This is crucial in email marketing. Basic formula, engagements/total audience.

Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the rate at which your emails didn’t get delivered to the client’s inboxes. You want to have your bounce rate less than 5%.

Bulk Mail: The same email that goes to a large group of people on your email list at once.

Conversion Rate: The percentage of recipients who actually respond to your email’s call-to-action and is an indicator of the email’s success.

List Segmentation (Funneling Technique) – Creating a target audience or group of emails so that you can tailor your message. A segmented list translates to a more relevant and targeted email campaign that will have a higher response rate and fewer unsubscribes.

The GetResponse List Building Program is a free, comprehensive email marketing course that covers everything you need to know to grow your list by up to 10,000 subscribers in as little as 90 days. It was designed to help marketers maximize their email marketing efforts by enhancing their lists with new, engaged contacts. Used with the GetResponse platform, it’s a complete email marketing solution, providing marketers with both the know-how and necessary tools to launch an effective email marketing campaign. The course is unique and created exclusively for GetResponse customers, both free trial and paid accounts that have less than 10,000 contacts. Customers may choose from two program schedules: the 90-day fast track and the 180-day standard program. Each session consists of a video tutorial, presentation, and an article.

Reward. Those who complete the program and acquire at least 1,000 new contacts will receive a GetResponse University Certificate of Performance. You’ll find more details about the course here: http://www.getresponse.com/features/list-building-program.html/?a=teop

This is just the beginning of all the content that we provide to help you build a successful business and gain your own financial freedom. The only way is by hard work and dedication. To learn more about branding and marketing, check out our free content on our blog.

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